Cyrus Copeland


The time I most appreciate you is when I've been drained by the process and need someone to jumpstart my own smarts again. And excitement. Because you get the possibility and potential inherent in any good idea and know instinctively how to bring it to fruition - not just artistically, but also practically.

I think you already know exactly how your clients use and value you - the guy who gets the bigger idea and can help you stay focused on it, even when you lose track of it. But you also have an amazing ability to do what a screenplay does, which is zoom in and out of something - fix the nuts and bolts of it, while keeping track of how it fits into a contextually larger picture. That is your brilliance. (Well, that and the sustained highly amusing commentary that comes with all your missives. We all might get yelled at. But working with you is just fun.) The other thing that you do particularly well is adapt. To date, you've helped me tailor a book of eulogies, a pitch for same, and a nonfiction proposal, all of which landed with major trade houses. Even when you don't know the genre it seems to matter little, you're still full of pointed commentary.

Off the Radar (Blue Rider/Penguin USA, 2015)
Farewell, Godspeed (Random House, 2004
A Wonderful Life (Algonquin, 2006)