Nicole Galland


When I can't see the forest for the trees (which is nearly all the time) I know you can see not only the forest (AND the trees) but the topography of the entire surrounding countryside, and your sense of direction is unerring. Writing can be terrifyingly lonely, and it's so much easier to go into that space knowing you're there as backup - even (perhaps especially) when we end up bickering like we're in a cheap cop-buddy-flick. You are a sort of midwife/godfather to my creations, and a smart-ass, tough-love Prometheus to me. (I don't know if that metaphor actually holds up but doesn't it sound GREAT?) It's SO rare for me to trust people's judgments and critical comments, but you're so damn good at what you do that I look FORWARD to it from you. Who else can make me giggle with delight while insulting me? You make criticism not only profitable but FUN. It's hard to voice how deeply I value your investment in my projects - you throw yourself into the worlds I create, never trying to wrest control from me, but determined to understand it all as deeply as I do. It's such a treat, such a luxury, that frankly it's a little addictive - to wit: I haven't even written an outline of my next novel but I've already decided you're coming along on the research trip with me!

Crossed (Wm Morrow, 2008) 
Revenge of the Rose (Wm Morrow, 2005)
The Fool's Tale (Wm Morrow, 2004