Cookies Policy

COOKIES – These are text files created by the website and stored on the accessing device (notebooks, tablets, smartphones, etc.). The storage of cookies occurs automatically when the “permission” condition is enabled. These small data packets aim to identify and collect user information to enhance the services of our website.

DATA: Set of anonymous (or anonymized) and personal information.

ANONYMIZED DATA: Isolated information that does not allow the identification of the USER. It includes the collection of gender, location, age, etc.

HYPERLINKS: A clickable link that may appear on the website or be included in some content, directing the USER to another page on the platform or an external site, whether a partner or not.

BROWSING: The act of interacting, searching, acquiring, or consuming any material or content on our platform, website, or application.

USER: Visitors to the site who access our platform, website, or application regardless of the means. They must necessarily have the legal capacity to accept the terms and conditions of this Cookie Policy and other legal documents of the platform.

2 – Data Collection 2.1 – The collection of information and data from our USERS occurs as they provide it to us, through access and use on the site, clicks on hyperlinks, interaction in the applications and services of the site, their preferences, and references.

2.2 – The data will be collected: when the USER voluntarily enters or submits their information on our platform or accesses any service offered by the site, it may also occur through interaction and navigation with the content displayed on the website. when the USER voluntarily enters or submits third-party data on our site, once authorization for the use of this data has been declared to the site. when the USER’s action is not necessarily required, as the system automation is responsible for collecting data available through Cookies. through partners authorized by our USERS to share their data with us.

2.3 – The information collected may include, but is not limited to, the following data: address (through geolocation); IP address; links, hyperlinks, and services clicked, etc.

2.4 – Other data that may be subject to collection are also provided in the Privacy Policy.

2.5 – The cookies used by our website and applications are conditioned to the validity of their collection:

Session cookies: remain with the site until it is closed. The information collected allows the identification of problems and aims to provide better experiences to USERS. Persistent cookies: even after closing the platform, these cookies will still be stored in the internet browser memory of the device you are accessing. They are used each time the user visits the website to guide navigation according to personal preferences, which are collected through these cookies. 2.6 – The cookies used can be both proprietary, with the platform having full control over the cookies; or third-party, included in USERS’ devices through websites, platforms, hyperlinks, services, and functions that we have a partnership with.

3 – Purpose of Cookie Collection: 3.1 – Our cookies have different functions and purposes, below we list the types that can be used on our site.

Essential cookies: necessary for the platform to function correctly and provide the services that are available to our USERS perfectly. Therefore, if these cookies are not enabled, the website will not be able to efficiently provide all the tools or resources associated with it.

Performance cookies: responsible for collecting anonymous information about how USERS use and interact with the platform and the tools provided. Functionality cookies: associated with the memory of the data provided, these cookies allow the platform to remember any choices made by the USER, directing them to the functions they may choose. It is responsible for providing better experiences and ensuring convenience to the USER. This information may also be associated with anonymized data, which will not track USER activity outside the platform space. Analytical cookies: we use these cookies to monitor and analyze how our USERS use the tools and functionalities of the platform. Allowing us to identify any failures on the site and provide convenience and customization for USERS. Additionally, based on these cookies, we can highlight the main services or articles that we think are of greater interest to our USERS. Advertising cookies: similar to the previous collection, these cookies aim to direct platform advertising based on our USERS’ choices and preferences, checking the number of visits, the number of interactions, and their quality. These cookies help the platform ____ [mention the name of the platform/website] to measure the effectiveness of its advertising. Security cookies: preventing our USERS’ data from being vulnerable to malicious attacks from third parties, these cookies store information in encrypted form. Social cookies: established by social networking and communication platforms, these cookies allow the sharing of content accessed by the USER to our platform. The collection provided by third parties has the ability to track USER activity outside their service line, sharing with our platform their preferences.

4 – Authorization 4.1 – After authorizing the use of cookies, the USER has the option to disable them whenever they are interested, being able to choose to deactivate part or all of our cookies.

4.2 – In principle, all devices allow the user to accept, refuse, delete, or manage cookies through the functions of their browser’s program.

4.3 – We remind you that disabling cookies does not allow us to offer our USERS the excellent service provision that we aim for, as parts of our platform may experience instabilities and not function correctly.

5 – Legitimization of Cookie Processing 5.1 – By consent of the interested party, the Cookie Policy will apply to devices that authorize access to the anonymized and personal data of our USERS.

6 – Data Communication 6.1 – As a rule, data will not be communicated to third parties, except in the case of cookies owned by other sites, by legal obligation, or by partner hyperlinks to our platform.

7 – USER Rights 7.1 – The USER has some rights under this Cookie Policy, provided that the USER has the ability to interact with the platform system.

withdrawal of consent from this Policy; access, control, rectification, limitation, and opposition to the processing of their data; contest the use of their data with the administrators of the platform by contacting through the contact tab. Given the terms presented, the USER gives their prior consent, unless indicated otherwise, to the use and utilization of “cookies” regarding the use of our site.

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