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by Jess Taylor




This is what I do

Since the best vehicle for communicating just about anything to me is a story, I specialize in narrative projects. Ideally, a writer enlists an editor close to a project’s inception. Calling in fixes at the end of the road seldom proves effective, or even economical. We do better to start while a story—fiction or non-fiction—remains a work in progress, and still has flexibility. 



Jeff Garigliano

novelist and magazine editor

Jess is relentless - in the good way - about getting you to turn your material into a STORY. He takes lumpy, shapeless prose and points out all the ways you've gone wrong, and at the end of the process you'll have something that gets readers (and agents, and editors) to want to keep turning the pages.


Dogface (MacAdam Cage, 2008)


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